Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Our Plushies

Let's go back to the first time we met. It was the eye contact, although we quickly turned our heads away, that I remember. I still remember how you bashfully tried to look at me when I didn't look at you. I didn't even get your name . We always went to that coffee shop on the same day of the week, at the same time, and we sat opposite each other. I guess we both enjoyed our non-conversational meetings. I usually arrived first and would anxiously wait for you. But one day when I was running late, I finally got your name. The barista called your order while I was waiting in line. That same day I finally had enough courage to go up to your table and ask you for a date.

Our first date was bizarre and disastrous. We missed our reservation at the restaurant, so we decided to eat at a diner instead. How weird was it when the waitress accidentally knocked over your drink and soaked your shirt? You went to the toilet but all the hand dryers were broken. So you sat back down and continued eating with your wet shirt. We cancelled going to the cinema because I didn't want you to get sick. We couldn't find a taxi so we had to walk home. None of that put us off. At least our later dates went well.

Our first-month anniversary brought us a new tradition. You gave me a teddy bear. Soon our history was filled with stuffed animals. A panda for Valentine’s day. A reindeer for Christmas. A dog for our one-year-anniversary. A giraffe for your birthday. A penguin when we decided to move in together. A lion for my birthday. An orca whale for your promotion at the office. And an elephant when I asked you to marry me.

So now here, in front of God, people that we love and love us, and all our stuffed animals, I promise to bring you joy, I promise to be there for you to cuddle, I promise to lend you my shoulder to cry on, just like our plushie. So, I, John take you, Paul as my lawful husband, for better or worse, in sickness and health, till death do us part.  

-Mikael Setiawan-
Cabe Garam

CS Bandung Writers' Club 4th Meeting

Voted as Favorite Story of The Night

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