Saturday, December 5, 2015


What is a stone? To me a stone is an element that stays still and won’t move until they got a push from something. It all depends on how hard someone pushes it. Too soft, it won’t move, too hard, it could break. But everyone knows that a stone is just a stone, it cant do much.

I don’t know, in life why are there so many people that choose to be a stone instead of some other elements. They act as if they have no capability to move by themselves. They wait for some miracle to come and give them strength to reach another level. In spite of that, they also choose to be blind and let the wrong be right, the suffer gets even more suffering, the good to be bad, and the hate be hatred. A stone is something that plays safe by letting things happen in front of it all for avoiding bad things to happen to them and to let them be clean out of any problems that they or someone else’s are facing. They always think that they are weak because they are born to be like is. But do you know something? The problem is not because how you were born to be, but its how you would face the fact you are born as is and use the beautiful gift you have.

Life is wonderful because we could choose our own path where, what, and how we want it to be. For me, being a stone is such a waste of a precious life. We humans are all the same. A boy dreamed to be a man, a man dreamed step on the moon, and look at him. He made it! All I want to say is stop being a stone and try to be the one who moves it. Because by being a stone is just something that you will regret in end.

-Aziz Amri-
Cafe Halaman
CS Bandung Writers' Club 8th Meeting

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