Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Rock

Over the years I've been a rock. There are many sides on my rock. There are sparkling side of my rock, but there's also some hideous part you don't wanna see.

My sparkling academic achievement, I always went to the best school in town you name it. I went to the medical school of my dream, graduate on time with almost cum laude. I also got a scholarship for a student exchange in Europe. Amazing experience. Then I got a job in Jakarta as a flying doctor, traveling to many places, saving lives, got paid really well.

My love life sucks. I had one puppy love during high school. Nothing during my university years (maybe I was too busy). But, thank God I had someone right now. I don't really know where it leads us, but we'll see.

My friends. I have few good friends during high school, which we still keep in touch until now. They're the best, our days in high school were the best days. Our friendship continues during our college years, we spent those lonely Saturday night together, sharing stories, a cup of tea, and discounted desert after 9 pm. Sometimes we spent hours on the phone talking about anything. And after college, we still visit each other, having a Sunday brunch or just a quick meeting on the lunch break.

My depression. I don't know how it starts, but someday I just don't wanna wake up and get out of my room. Maybe I have to pay the price for my sparkling side. There are days when I don't even brush my teeth or shower. On those days I didn't have any inspiration, I caught up too deeply in my routine life and forget there are more things in the world to see. So, sometimes I need to slow down a little, take a deep breath, do yoga, or even smell a flower. Dancing keeps me sane as I release my dark side with it. I slowly rise and fight against my depression. And I'm trying not to be ashamed of it. Cause I've been a rock.

-Indra Sahril-
Cafe Halaman
CS Bandung Writers' Club 8th Meeting

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