Friday, October 4, 2013

Summary of CS Bandung WClub 1# Gathering, 03 Oct 2013: Eureka Moment

Theme: Eureka Moment
Venue: Potluck Kitchen, Jl. Wasid (Bagusrangin) No.31
Date and Time: October 3, 2013 19.30 - 23.00
Dear folks,

Glad to have our CS Bandung Writers Club 1st gathering being commenced successfully last week. It was great (even greater than I had expected) to meet random people with each own different and beautiful insight about the theme we brought in. Though most people came with hesitation on their writing skills, finally we could pour out our idea into any form of writings.

And... below are the brief summary of the writings that were blossomed during the gathering:

- Me
I made a short (romance)story a girl who waits for a man she loves to find her as his other half of him

- Indah
She raised a daily topic about the lack of distinguishing left and right (while driving)that actually is one of brain dysfunction

- Muti
With her beautiful words she associated 'Eureka Moment' as the time which every traveler feel every time commencing their journey and reach the destination.

- Ana
She arranged beautiful lines to tell us how she find a book that could answered a matter bothering her mind.

- Maya
With his simple words vividly she write about chair and how she wanted to make a chair that would make people find pleasure when sitting down on it. *Voted as most favorite one*

- Erna
With her few simple lines, she wrote about the pleasure moment seeing the crash of wave on the sea.

- Tides
She shared her beautiful memory about her traveling time to Cangke Island (South Sulawesi)

- Rahmat
He shared his superb experience while watching F1 racing. *Voted as second most favorite one*

We wait for any other of you who keen to join this group and our next gatherings.

Keep writing!

Knock off your block!


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