Thursday, September 26, 2013

CS Bandung Writers Club 1# Gathering, 03 Oct 2013: Eureka Moment

Hi guys!

CS Bandung Writers Club Bandung has just been established and the theme for its first gathering is 'Eureka Moment'.

Based on its etymology, Eureka is literally translated into 'I have found(it)'. That exclamation is famously attributed to the Greek scholar Archimedes. He proclaimed that word when he was in his bath tub and suddenly realized that he had just found the solution of the problem posed by Hiero of Syracuse. He was so excited and it led him to leap out of his bath tub and ran through the streets of Syracuse naked just to share his discovery.

For more recent time, Eureka moment may be associated with the last part of each Dora the Explorer episode. The time she and Boot (her monkey best friend) have just solved their assignment and happily, with her caprioles, she will shout, "We made it. We made it. We made it! Horray!" (Please forgive this childish part :P)

Well, actually I have been inspired to use this word as our first theme by the book written by Haruki Murakami titled "What I Talk When I Talk About Running". The book contains beautiful memories and intertwined obsessions with running and writing of its writer. In the second chapter, with his vivid memories and insight he wrote about his Eureka moment when he decided to be a writer. 

For some people though the idea has been deep rooted on their mind it's not easy to make it come true. There often be many lame excuses for us to procrastinate and even let the idea vanish into the air. As a geek, borrowing form physics term, I interpret that Eureka moment is the time when we have big impulse to change our momentum to do something.

Well, do you have any other interpretation of Eureka Moment? or have you even ever experienced your Eureka Moment?

Well just your bring idea and share it through writing on our (first) club gathering at Potluck Coffee Bar and Library (Potluck Kitchen), Jl. H. Wasid (Bagusrangin) No. 31, 7.30 PM - 10.00 PM (or I may say, until drop).

Hope to see you soon there.


- you can write in any form of writing (poem, short story; fiction, non-fiction, etc) and any language (Sundanese, Bahasa Indonesia, English, or even Swahilis :P)
- To get any insight about this group and gathering, please check the the page of: CS Bandung Writers Club or its sister: CS Jakarta Writers Club
- For any queries please do not hesitate to contact me through my CS account (Arianko) or even mobile phone 082125838285

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