Monday, November 18, 2013

My Superheroes

Dear Bandung Writing Club,

Let me introduce myself. I'm Bengt from Gothenburg , Sweden friend of Sita since Oct 2012 by mailing and visit in Sweden July 2013.

She asked me joining your club on distance so I give it a modest try!

First I have some musical heroes.  One is Jimi Hendrix, remember when I grew up I listened to my parents transistor radio and I thought wow, never before or later I heard a guy playin' guitar like him, it was something completely new back in the late 60's and revolutionary for pop music history, like Beatles and Stones.

More musical heroes are Bob Marley , coz reggae send out the message of respect, love and peace between people. Also Neil Young coz he has nice lyrics and had to fight hard with his diabetes and back spine problems, also he has one handicapped son taking care of.

But as I'm kidney sick and have diabetes I must say my super heroes are all the nice nurses and doctors taking care of me and keep me alive. They even help me booking guest dialyses so I could travel in Germany, Poland, Czech Rep and Belgium, also in some cities in Sweden. Still if my mood is quite often swinging coz of the kidney problem they always comfort me and motivate me to go on with my everyday life:) My biggest dream is to get a new kidney again so I can travel freely!. 

Doctor's without borders or doctors sans Frontiers are also super heroes. They try to help poor people with medicine and surgeries in remote hostile areas of the world . Often without getting paid.

Super heroes are also all nice people contributing to a better world and to save our planet like greenpeace etc..

My super antiheroes are power-mad politicians who take big money for themselves but stealing from poor people. And all who profit on wars making money on guns and firearms .

OK, can't find anything more to say for the moment. Happy Thursday to everyone:)

Gothenburg 12/11-2013
Bengt Hellström

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